Saturday, March 1, 2008


Is this a photogenic family or what?! These kids were so relaxed and easy to work with! It was a great experience. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon guys!!
Here are just a few from your session today.


kandicejill said...

Heather... that session turned out so well! I love your new idea with the frame... It looks cool having a family picture inside it! And I really liked the last one... definitely unique! I also loved the texturing with the photos... the editing was very well done!

I agree with you in that this family is definitely photogenic. Those girls are beautiful and that little guy is so cute and looks like such a little charmer.

Way to go Heathen! :D

JA Crew said...

great shoot. i really love what you're doing with the frames. it looks really neat! what a cute family!

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on the family picture with the frame. I absolutely love it. What a clever idea.

jlcumber said...

May I ask how you did this??? This is so amazing!!

Heather said...

jlcumber - I'd be happy to chat with me at