Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WSCC Families

With all this talk of moving in the fall, I'm starting to get really sad about leaving this beautiful place (and all of our wonderful friends!) However I'm thankful that I will have so many great opportunities this summer to venture to new locations and get some great photos of this picturesque state! And after so many flattering requests to return for sessions, I will be making annual trips for that very purpose! I will keep you posted on those.

Last year I offered a discount for WSCC families, and I have decided to do the same this year. It was such a great experience meeting so many families from the school! Dates are booking up quickly, so I have begun to open weekday sessions to accomidate for the summer. Please visit my website for the WSCC family rates, along with available session dates. Sessions will be scheduled on a 'first-come, first-served' basis and as noted I am currently scheduling only Saturdays, and now some Tuesday mornings. Contact me for details.

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Mark & Emily said...

I actually am also routing for David Archuleta first and foremost haha. He is so cute, I love him.
I didn't know you checked my blog often haha, I it can be quite boring sometimes haha.
And I always marvel at how beautiful it looks where you guys live! It does look gorgeous, I would love that.