Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stephanie - Anytime

Meet Steph! She attends school with Gannon, but is also a professional athlete - and biker extraordanaire! These photos are for her profile on her sponsers (Transition) website. Our afternoon together felt more like a Girls afternoon than a photo session!
Steph, you rock!


Tara Fears said...

Cute Heather! She's really cute! Can I please have her arms? Does she mountain bike?

kandicejill said...

Heathen -- those pictures turned out SO well... they look great! And holy crap does she have a wicked body! I wish I was as ripped as she is!

Tavis Johnson said...

Tavis and I both really love these! Such a cool idea under an overpass. They look way awesome...and I agree, she has got one body I would die for!-leslie