Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Super-Duper Excited...with Cherries on Top!

My brother, his awesome wife, and their DARLING baby girl came to visit us from Canada this weekend. It was unbelievable fun to have them here! I gained about 3 pounds from Reeces Pieces alone, haven't slept in days, and got a lot better at guitar hero! So much fun!
And of course...the cherry on top - doing a session with them!


JA Crew said...

those are darling! what a cute little family!

kandicejill said...

I think the one that cuts off at their eyes is really cute! And i LOVE the second one (the B&W one) of them looking at Claire. So precious. And I'm absolutely THRILLED that you got a picture of little Claire-Bear sticking her lips out. Absolutely adorable.

Tavis Johnson said...

Your brother is so nice. Congrats to them and their new little family!:) Mom looks so beautiful and proud! Darling little girl too..those lips! So cute!! Love all the pics! Your stuff always amazes me.-leslie