Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David & Katharine - Wedding

As I rounded the corner the town of Waterton came into view. A moose grazed in the fields to my left and the magestic mountains towered over me. The skies were blue, laced with soft white clouds that passed slow and gracefully. It was the perfect day for a wedding, in the perfect location, with the perfect couple.

I'd been so looking forward to meeting Katharine after corresponding with her regularly these past many months, both of us anxious and excited for the coming event. It was a couple of months after she asked me to photograph her wedding that we realized that I had gone to highschool with her fiance Dave (and much of his wedding party). How fun is that?! Ten years have passed since then. Wow!

After speaking with Katharine on the phone, and chatting with her periodically via email - I knew we were going to get along. And my suspicions were confirmed when I walked into her hotel room Saturday afternoon to meet her for the first time. She was smiling, excited, and a tiny bit nervous as she began to get ready. But as the afternoon progressed and she realized she had only moments before she walked down the aisle - I could see the surety in her eyes. This was exactly what she had been waiting for, exactly what she wanted...and she was stunningly beautiful in her confidence and her elegant, white gown. I don't always shed a tear at weddings, but as I watched her hug her family and get ready to walk out the door and over to the church I felt a rush of emotion wash over me. It was going to be a wonderful day.

Here is a little peek at Katharine & Dave's incredibly beautiful day!
(please wait patiently as the slideshow may take a moment to load. Larger sizes of some of the images are posted below). *Special thanks to Jeffrey Palmer for his assistance at this event.*


kandicejill said...

Those turned out so well Heather! You should be really happy with the shots you got! How fun that you went to high school with the groom and some of the groomsmen. Such a small world! And I loved that intro to the post! Definitely a nice little touch!

Nicole Breanne said...

How does Kandice beat me to it EVERYTIME! I agree... what a cute intro, and yes a small world for sure! I love all of the pictures... so cute when she was crying! And I want to eat up that cake! Ahhh they are all great! And Jeff is a great help... can you two please save some talent for the rest of us like me and Kandice?! thanks!

JA Crew said...

stunning! great location for photos!

Laura said...

Okay, those rock! I love the loction of the outdoor ones too. You are awesome with wedding photography. I'm scared to death to try it, but it does look fun!

Tavis Johnson said...

Those are amazing Heather! You have got some mad skills for sure!! I love the slideshow too. Way to go!!-leslie