Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kenton - Newborn

This sweet little bundle is definately his own man! He knew what he wanted, and was happy to cooperate and pose for me, provided he was laying flat, snuggled in a blanket, and/or had mom or dad touching him somewhere so he knew they were close by. But, we were all more than happy to accomidate his cute little self. Just look at this squishy, soft little face - could you resist a snuggle?


KandyJill said...

Heathen... I absolutely LOVED her Maternity pictures.. but these pictures are flawless. Such a cute little baby. I know what you mean by these pictures make you want to snuggle him. He is so precious. I absolutely love the picture of him in the fabric. It should go in a double frame with her maternity one. Actually... that would make for a great kanvas. Great ideas Heath. They look so good!

Julie Jimmieson said...

Cannot wait for you to do our new arrival very soon. Great shots Heath!