Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Carter & Drew - Newborn x2

I've always said that moms of multiples are the toughest of us all. Twice the work, twice the feedings, twice the diapers, twice the patience...but they also get twice the love! After todays session - I think it's official! I am now Baby Hungry!! :) My youngest is out of diapers and after handling these two 6lb-angel-babies, I think I've caught the bug. Don't hold your breath for an announcement though...I'm not that spontaneous. :) So until I decide one way or another, here is a little peek at the cutie-pies from today's session.


Patti Jackson said...

Fantastic Pictures ... almost makes me want two of my own... with Cassie at 19...maybe grandchildren will work!!!

Patti Jackson Debbie's friend in Washington!!!

Tavis Johnson said...

OoooH... Those are soo cute!! I want twins so I can get pictures like that:)-leslie