Friday, August 22, 2008

Changing It Up & a $100 Print Credit

Hello friends,

Some of you may have noticed the recent price change on my website. I always hate to raise my prices, but with the rising cost of gas - I had no choice. I do not charge travel fees to session locations done around Oregon and for the majority of my sessions I am driving 30+ minutes to a location, and another 30+ minutes home at no additional cost. This is often neccessary so we can take advantage of Oregon's perfect locations, or so we can complete the photo sessions in your homes to make working with your newborn baby or child more convenient for you.
I appologize for this $ inconvenience, but to make up for the travel time & fuel costs it was neccessary for me.

However, for a limited time, I will be offering a $100 print credit on regular priced sessions to help make it up to you! So, not only can you purchase the disk of all of your session photos - but you will receive $100 worth of FREE prints. And print pricing will remain what it has always been.

**Sessions already secured will not be affected by this change.**

Thank you so much for your understanding!!

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