Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Personal Note

My friend Rachel was in town from Arizona this weekend and showed me a fun new website that I think I am now addicted to. Those of you who know me know that I am don't cook, like ever! My idea of a home cooked meal is a bag-mix salad, homestyle mashed potatoes by Country Crock & a rotisserie chicken from Safeway. Homecooked in about 3 minutes! :) I do however like making fun snacks for my kids, and trying new recipes when I have someone willing to sit and chat with me while I make it. So this site is a fun one. Check out Picky Palate here.

Also...some of you have written and asked me why I never post photos of my own family on this blog. The answer to that is that I'm not sure. I do have a personal blog that I post on regularly, so I guess I just figured that this blog was for all of your beautiful children and their photos. I will try to post a few now and then of my own.

I have another newborn to share this week so stay tuned. :)


Tara said...

I am a loyal follower of Picky Palate and I LOVE it! I've made a few of her things and they've always been delish!

Janee Graham said...

My friend just showed my this the other day, but not because of the food. It was for the mooning pumkins :)Okay so I'll be trying some of the yummy stuff for sure. If you ever come to Az to visit your friend. My family would love to arrange a shoot with you.