Monday, November 17, 2008

Color Me Jealous

This weekend I had another WONDERFUL session with an incredible family that I have had the opportunity to work with a few times before. I always look forward to my visits with them, I have such a great time! And can I just tell you that they have the most AMAZING back yard I've ever seen?! We did their entire session there! It was so beautiful I didn't want to leave when we were finished! :)

I am only part way through editing their session, but I couldn't wait to post some of their photos. So without further adieu...
(anyone using their 'color aware' internet browsers yet?? I'm totally diggin' mine!)


Trina said...

Great shots Heather! Did you use your external flash?

Heather Ward said...

Thanks Trina..
These were all done with natural light. No external flash.