Thursday, November 6, 2008


This morning I started packing. I am not a good packer. I need packing advice! Please please please send me your packing tips on where to start, how to do it well...and anything else you have to offer!!


Perkes Family said...

Hey I just popped on the computer and saw your cry for help. When I start to pack early here are some things I do, hopefully they will help. 1. I get small boxes and pack up all the under the sink and linen closet items and put them back under the sink, then I just have to tape them up the day of the move. 2. go around and gather all picture frames, candles, and other nick knack stuff. I put them all on the table then pack them up, so I can see what all I have. 3.I let each of my kids pick a box of toys, put hem in the box, then I packed and sealed the rest of the toys. 4. I packed up all the desk stuff in a box and left it open on the desk until I moved.
Those are my tips, good luck!

Heather Ward said...

Those are great tips Heather!!! Thank you so much!! I need all the help I can get. :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could give you some fabulous ideas but all I do is throw everything in and sort the mess later. I highly recommend NOT doing this. I still have boxes and it's been almost 5 years in our house! Good Luck!

Barb said...

Okay-seeing how I have moved, and moved and moved all throughout my life(cross country 5 times) here is what I do to start packing.
First pick a place in your house where you can start putting the boxes once they are packed. Someplace that won't really get in your way and then clear it out.
Then go through all the stuff you have in storage. Clear out anything you haven't used for 2years and either give it to charity or throw it away. You don't want to move anything you don't need to. Do the same for the rest of your house.
Then pack everything you do not use and a daily bases. Start with you kitchen. Get small boxes and newspaper to pack anything brakeable. Pack things like china and platers, seasonal stuff, and clothes that you wont ware before you move like summer stuff.
Then pack books and movies that you haven't read or watched in the last two months.
Then move on to kick knacks and pictures. You don't want to totaly take everything down because it will get depressing if you start too early and have to stare at blank walls. But thin it out.
Then go through files and office stuff that you won't need. Don't pack birth certificates and stuff you will need to get across the boarder or you will need for your business or Gannon for school but pack everything else.
Then a couple of weeks before you move go through and pack everything you won't need during the short time until you move. Start in your kitchen again and then to living room, office and then bedrooms. Bathroom, except for pictures should be packed last.
For boxes go to places like Wal*mart/Target and also printing places for paper boxes. Some times you will have to find out the name of the person to talk to and call back latter. Also if you know anyone who works in an office see if you can get any paper boxes they have as well. Paper boxes are great for books and breakable things!
Don't get boxes from grocery stores unless you are going to use the boxes for light stuff. For some reason the boxes there are not that strong.
If you need any more help with anyting else you need to do before you move let me know.

Barb said...

Oh I thought of a couple more things.
Don't plan of working a couple of weeks before you leave. It will just be easier on you and your kids. Also plan really simple meals the last week and invest in paper produces so that you can finish pack up your kitchen.
And don't be afraid to ask not only the elders to help you pack up the truck but also ask the RS sisters to come and help you clean your apartment!!! It will save your SO much time and energey!!!

Malauney said...

These have helped us move with no problems, and wuite a few friends of mine with the cross country move!

Alison Douglass Photography said...

My husband and I combined our two houses of stuff into a rental for several years. When we bought our first house, looking at everything was beyond overwhelming. We used the idea from the show clean sweep to get started. We rented a dumpster for a few weeks and started sorting. Everything went into three piles- keep, donate, trash. NOTHING was allowed a maybe, everything had to have a reason and a place. As the keep pile grew, if it was not something we used every day, it was packed.

It was wonderful to simplify and move into our house with only what we needed.

One of my biggest packrat things is clothing. If it doesn't fit and you haven't worn it in the last season, get rid of it! no need to haul them around!

one thing I learned early on after making the mistake- come up with a labeling method BEFORE you start packing. Label everything in the same way. and on the same location on boxes. We did room first, (like master bedroom) then what was in it, (books) then any other details. Label on the END of the box and as you stack,make sure the labeled end is facing out! Trust me this will save you much frustration.

Good luck, and take it one small piece at a time!

Heather Ward said...

Thank you so much for all of your moving tips! I feel more organized all ready! :)

Kara and Colin said...

All I can say is LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!! It will make your life SO much easier!

Goodman Family said...

I can't believe we are already thinking about moving, but here is what I found helpful. Get a box or tote ( I prefer the latter) for a last minute tote for each room. This way it is the last thing you load and the first thing you unload. It has all your things like towels, shower curtains, sheets, dishes ect. It's all the stuff you need to function.

Last have a odds and ends box. So many times you get to the end of the move and have all these things floating around. Pack it in the box and label it. But having a room "last box" cuts down on the misc stuff.

Good luck!

hailey said...

haven't read all the tips....but my mom always cleans the fridge and then puts all the stuff into boxes (like topless shoe boxes) and back into the fridge so when you actually move you just have to grab the boxes and do a quick wipe down of the fridge. even if you plan to throw away a bunch of stuff it still eliminates the need to clean again...:)

if I think of more I'll e-mail you :)