Friday, January 30, 2009

BFF Maternity / Calgary Maternity Photographer

There is something about pregnant woman that I find completely adorable. Maybe it's their perfect round bellies, the gentle glow that finds them while they are expecting, the sweet smile the crawls across their faces whenever their little one moves....or the fact that every single one of them looks much more comfortable than I did when I was pregnant. :) Whatever it is, I love it, it draws me in and makes me smile. This session with my dear friend was no different; glow, baby-belly, lot's of smiles and some great chit-chat. It was such a privelledge to do these photos! And can you believe...she only has a few short weeks left? I can't wait to meet the little man that has set up shop in her little belly!


Jessyquita said...

wow, only a few weeks left?? she looks amazing! So tiny witt no stretch marks, my tummy looks like flames right now haha, you would definatley need to do some major pohoto shopping!!

kandicejill said...

Those are so cute!! I particularly love the bubble bath ones! what a fun idea!

J and T DuBois said...

Hey I see you finally got to do your bathtub belly pic!!! I am jealous. :( Next time I have a big belly we will have to do that one. Can't wait to see you again. Miss you tonz