Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mini Vacay - Banff

I was able to get away this weekend with my entire family, to the Banff Springs hotel. Going to Banff early in the New Year has become a tradition for our family so I look forward to it each year. Here are some photos from my weekend, and of the hotel. If you've never been to Banff...I highly recommend looking into a little getaway! ;)

This fudgery boasts the BEST MAPLE FUDGE on earth! It's part of the reason I'm starting P90x tomorrow! :)


.Ang. said...

Those photos are Beautiful!

I miss home!!! :(

I'm starting p90x tomorrow too... I hope... Starting is the hardest part!!!

--Angie Takahashi

Julie Jimmieson said...

AHHH you are killing me. How I wish you took our wedding pics up there. Great photos!
Hope you had a blast!

Trina said...

Beautiful! I love Banff! I have never been there in the winter though, so pretty! Come on you must be happy to be back in Canada!

Laura said...

Heather, your landscape shots are some of my favorite. There's got to be a career for you in cards or calendars or something along those lines.

J and T DuBois said...

Wow! Wish we were there. Miss you guys. We will definitely have to come up for a vacay some time.