Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tubby Dog

My little brother and his girlfriend just introduced us to a little place near downtown called "Tubby Dog." I have to admit I was skeptical at first about a $7 hotdog with PB&J and Cap'n Crunch on it....but, I stand corrected and must admit that it was delicious!
Here are a few of the treats the 4 of us tried this weekend.
From the top:
Yam fries with a yummy spicey dip
PB&J with French Toast Crunch Cereal
The A-Bomb: cheese, a mysterious sauce, and crunched up Ketchup Chips
Tubby Dog: Chilly, Cheese, Onions.

If you live in Calgary and haven't been there one!


Emily Murdock said...

I dunno, Heather, those look like a child made his after-school snack and combined things that just don't belong together ;)
But I support your right to eat whatever you please! I just can think of better ways to increase my caloric intake! haha
Are you keeping warm up there in the great white north??

Julie Smith said...

I'm very worried about you. This is not normal behavior. I'm pretty sure the cold is getting to you!