Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Punch Pack - Actions

Yes, I'm on an action kick this week so I thought I'd post a new set of my favorites. This nifty little pack has 10 actions that rock! And the best part - they are CS/2/3/4 & PSE5/6/7 compatible!

The Punch Pack/Mini Processing Set: $20.00
The following actions are included in the set:
Base Sharpen, Clarify (my new fave sharpening action that both defogs & sharpens the details perfectly), Color Pop, Warm It Up, Cool It Down, Antique Color, High Contrast BW, Chocolate BW, Resize for Web, Hollywood Portrait.
(example photo: slight curves adjustment to fix exposure, Clarify @ 75%, color pop 60%).

Get the Punch Pack $20.00 (button below)

Please Select your PS Edition

Buy Individual Actions - $5 (button below)
If you you are a CS user and already have most of the actions in this set - you can purchase any of the new ones (I highly recommend clarify) for just $5/each. PLEASE NOTE, individual actions from the PUNCH PACK only, no other individual actions from other sets, including the processing set are available).
Simply Press the Buy Now button, and note in with purchase which action you want.

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