Friday, December 12, 2008

California Love

No matter how many times I've been to a certain city...I always end up wearing a big fat sign across my forehead that says "TOURIST!!!"; (Meaning my Camera is constantly fixed to my eye.) I can't help it. I have to photograph everything...and it drives my husband crazy. "Pull over here!" "Drive over there." "This will be my last stop I promise." A 3 hour drive will take us 5 hours because I have to stop to shoot everything. Often times I get home and view the photos only to hear myself say "I shot it better the last time." or "that shot didn't turn out." But sometimes I get home and I'm super thrilled that I made myself stop to take a photograph...even if it doubled the length of our journey.

Don't mind the splotches you see in some of the photos. I forgot to bring a sensor cleaning kit for my camera and it got amazingly dirty. I would have stopped to grab one while I was away but I had zero time. We were going going going all the time... Anyway - I took care of a few in photoshop but my eyes are tired and I'm bound to have missed a few.

Anyway...I hope you enjoy a few of these.

In LA all we really did was Disney. I was dying to see the San Juan mission but I decided to save it for my next trip.
Sunset...notice the Seals on the beach in front of me. Man they were STINKY!!

San Fransisco Bay - Fishermans Warf where we stayed.
...and again...
and again...Man I really love the Bay Area.

The Bay Bridge

From just below Coit Tower

The Golden Gate

Napa Valley


kandicejill said...

Great photos! I'd love to get some of those blown up!

JA Crew said...

great shots!

Emily said...

those are beautiful! i love the first one of the golden gate bridge! everytime i see that gate though, i think of full house! haha!

Trina said...


Julie Smith said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a great time.

Angie Higa said...

I love the third one down on the golden gate ... magazine beautiful :)

julie said...

really amazing photos Heather! You're not just a portrait photographer are you?!! Coffee table book worthy photos for sure! Im glad you're home now- we'll have to play! Call me.