Friday, February 13, 2009

Published....Birth Of A Mother Magazine

I've had the privelledge of working with Birth of a Mother Magazine the last couple of months and have really enjoyed doing shoots for their layouts. Last month my work was featured in their "Post Baby Fitness" article, and tune in next month for some photos of Mom & Tot Yoga. Be sure to grab your copy at Calgary's Bo Bebe locations, or check them out online.
Cover Cover shot, not a photograph done by Heather Ward Photography.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Heather!

JA Crew said...

wow that's awesome!! way to go heather!

KandyJill said...

Thanks for letting your fan club know its your dang SISTER in those pictures! ;) Jerk! haha kidding!

Julie Jimmieson said...

Birth of a Mother is lucky to have you-your work is stellar!

PS Kandice made the hottest mom ever